Welcoming Teachers in Training and New Teachers!!

Hello Again!

Those of you starting studies or getting ready to enter the teaching arena – WELCOME!! I love this field – what is more fun than working with “kids” of whatever age and seeing those light bulbs of learning pop on knowing you facilitated it?? That is the best feeling and kept me in “the business” for more than 30 years.  The secret is, my embarking adventurers, have the skills and knowledge of classroom and behavior organization and management in our tool bag BEFORE you step into your first classroom.

Student teaching practicums usually do not start until after the students have arrived and the school year is underway, so many of the critical things the modeling master/supervising teacher put in place are not evident and almost all the time taken for granted by the trainee.  There is extensive planning and organization required to be done BEFORE the students will be arriving.  Many veteran master teachers do these things without thinking, but to the novice they look like this is simply how student behave. These specific strategies for the 7 areas on organization and management must be planned and well thought out so they will meet the needs of the new teacher and the soon to arrive students.

Can you tell I love this stuff??? I will always remember how I struggled through my first year of teaching; this keeps me energized and committed to sharing what I learned as I became a certified COMP trainer, as I mentored dozens of teachers, as I worked with Principals to support their teachers, and as I developed and presented classroom and behavior organization and management training over the last 25+ years. I do love this stuff!

While teachers in action right now are looking forward to the Summer break that is rapidly approaching, many aspiring teachers are about to begin some of their essential courses and even Fall practicum experiences in classrooms.

This is where I want to offer information, training, Q & A and discussions on planning in each of the 7 areas  of classroom and behavior organization and management.  I am happy to respond to individuals as well as work with groups to schedule customized trainings.  These groups can be in the format of courses as an adjunct professor, small study groups on specific topics, clinics or seminars.

This is also a time when first year teachers and veteran teachers struggling with management think towards the next school year because they know they want and need more tools in their tool bags to hone their skills, and to use the professional  jargon perform in the distinguished category for specifically on-stage and off-stage Domains (planning, managing behavior, organizing instruction and instructional activities, assessing student learning, etc.)

I hope to hear from you soon!




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I am currently a Special Education Instructional Specialist for a large and diverse public school system. I've taught general education and special education, parenting groups, classroom and behavior management, special education process, and various continuing professional development topics for teachers in grades k to 12 and special populations. I want to support those who facilitate learning for our young people, simple as that.

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