Who I am….

I am a Maryland State certified and highly qualified General and Special Educator. I taught in a general education classroom for 5 years and in special education classrooms for over 16 years.  I’ve been a Special Education Specialist and Special Education Instructional Specialist over 15 years.

 I remain dedicated to supporting teachers so they can enjoy the joy and gratification of seeing students feel success.  I am particularly devoted to new teachers because of the extensive training and certifications I exercise when providing professional growth courses, models and advice, whether to an audience of 60 or 1.  The new teacher remains my most special audience because I struggled terribly and unnecessarily my first year teaching. Most Universities do not include a course at the undergraduate level within the teacher certification program on classroom and behavior management and organization.  I know from my personal experiences and from observing, coaching, mentoring and simply listening to new teachers that such a course will make all the difference in the world for new teacher success. 

I have always thought, what could be more fun than interacting with young learners to facilitate this “light bulbs” of awareness, learning and feelings of success? This, despite the regulations, qualifications, evaluations, budgetary constraints, ridiculously weak pay scales and ever increasing demands, is why I remain in the “biz”.



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I am currently a Special Education Instructional Specialist for a large and diverse public school system. I've taught general education and special education, parenting groups, classroom and behavior management, special education process, and various continuing professional development topics for teachers in grades k to 12 and special populations. I want to support those who facilitate learning for our young people, simple as that.

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