First blog post

This blog and related resources originates from a challenging and less than brilliant first year of teaching in a large diverse public school system.  Many years later, I remain committed to supporting those who enter the single profession that all others depend on Рteaching. While the teaching profession continues to become more quantifiable and research based, there is no denying that to shine a ray of light for a learner or find some light in the challenges a new teacher faces teaching is an art of the heart.

Here are a few guiding thoughts to get us started –

How can I ever compete with the technology games the students now play?

My lesson was really great, if I could get them to pay attention.

I did not expect to spend more time with misbehavior than with instruction.

I wonder if I chose the wrong profession, the students just don’t seem to care about what I teach, and I’ve tried everything I can think of.

If you’ve ever said or entertained any of the thoughts above, you will find support here. Just ask.¬†

As well as new teacher supports, questions about providing accommodations and strategies for student with special needs including talented and gifted, IEPs, behavior plans, 504 Accessibility Plans will be happily addressed.

Parents – I am happy to address questions to support advocating successfully for your child and their educational success.


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I am currently a Special Education Instructional Specialist for a large and diverse public school system. I've taught general education and special education, parenting groups, classroom and behavior management, special education process, and various continuing professional development topics for teachers in grades k to 12 and special populations. I want to support those who facilitate learning for our young people, simple as that.

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